Friday, July 14, 2006

Insects at Sunset

Went out in the garden at sunset tonight. First up is a Melissodes male. I was hoping to get a cluster of males as sometimes a group of males will cluster together on the same plant.


But this was not the only bee getting ready to sleep. I found several of these very tiny bees with a yellow clypeus nestled in my false sunflower plant. I am guessing some sort of small Andrenid. Hopefully I can ID them next week when I get to a 'scope and my Mitchell.


I love this milkweed bug; I didn't remember that they had quite so much white on the wings.


I love Cleome, and one of the first shots I took tonight shows this little beetle, probably a Chrysomelid among the blooms.


And there were predators out. Polistes on the Cleome, and on my plants in the front yard a couple of nice surprises. First this wonderful Salticid on butterfly weed.


Notice the spider silk.

Next is a very young Mantis:


Finally this handsome grasshopper. I should hate grasshoppers for the number they are doing on some of my plants but they really are pretty.


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