Saturday, July 08, 2006

Second Part of Poetry Thursday-Audio files

The second part of this week's Poetry Thursday was to share an audio file. I had never made an audio file before but it so happened I had just bought a microphone/headset to participate in an online chat. So after much fumbling around here is what I hit on.

First you need a program to do your recording. The program that comes with Windows is useless. I found a very good freeware program called Audacity at This is an open source program and is available for Linux and MacOS as well. If you are down loading the Windows version you will need to also download the LAME MP3 encoder and the audacity site provides a link for doing that. Do not use the raw project files that audacity creates. You can create a .wav file but they are not compressed. For instance the .wav file for "The Melting" is about 9.79mB and but the .mp3 file is "only" 1.7mB.

The next consideration is where to host your file. There are sites analogous to flickr for hosting audio files or you can host them on your own server. Be aware that band width gets to be a consideration. The several commercial hosting sites I have found are not free for that reason. Also your service provider may have limits on bandwidth so check that out.

I have put a link to "The Melting" and its audio file on my personal poetry site.

This week's poetry Thursday link.

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