Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thanks for the Box Ron!

On Saturday I received a box from Ron Hudson over at 2sides2ron. Inside the box were some epiphyllum cuttings from one of his plants that I had sent him a comment about. He had warned me they were coming and I was a bit concerned since it has been six zillion degrees in the shade...OK I exaggerate--- it has "only" been 106F.

And indeed inside the box were some mysterious green things. I am being circumspect here for a reason that will be revealed.

So having pity on the mysterious green things and after appropriately admiring the wonderful box Ron sent, I took pity on the green things, applied Rootone and planted them in a special well draining mixture.

Let the mixture soak up some water in the sink and then put the poor little cuttings that came in the very nice box in a cool spot(ha!) where maybe they will develop roots and grow. After all they did come in a nice box!

Ron tells me it is bad luck (for the plants, presumably) to thank someone for cuttings..So again Ron:

Thanks for the nice box! :-)

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