Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Never go to Best Buy to get something simple such as a scanner. We ended up getting my wife a couple of pieces of equipment that she wanted and a little something that I wanted as well, namely a Canon Rebel digital SLR. Hey, I am an entomologist and want to be able to take better insect pictures.


Not a great image, but consider this. It was taken with the standard 18-55mm lens on close up mode with auto focus. No close up lenses or extender rings and no attempt to adjust any other parameters. The image is also was not digitally magnified but only cropped out of the original jpeg. The actual size of the nymph was maybe 5mm at the outside.

Sure beats our little Kodak used for all my photos in my flickr stream up to this point.

Oh this is for Tara at the Lawrence Best Buy.

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