Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anti-evolutionist may lead National Education Group

Yes it's true. According to The Lawrence Journal World in this story , Kenneth Willard (corrected), who was part of the conservative majority who questioned evolution, is unopposed in his bid to be president of the National Association of State Boards of Education.

Willard says that his disagreement with Darwin has nothing to do with the association's work. And personally if I felt that Willard could be impartial and genuinely interested in education, OK.

But remember, he is part of the same group that wasted thousands of tax payer dollars, not to mention thousands of man hours, on sham evolution hearings in 2005. And he voted for a poorly qualified candidate, Bob Corkins, to be Commissioner of Education in Kansas.

The chickens in the hen house might just as well elect a fox as leader.

Here's another article about this controversy from the NY Times. (Tip of the antennae to Mousie Cat for this link. See Mousie's take on Willard here.)

Update 8:21. See this entry from Josh over at Thoughts from Kansas which fills in more details about the Corkin incident.

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