Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The KGB: May Day Edition

Grass growing season is in full spring in Kansas. So I can't resist starting with this brief comment and photo from Gwynne at the Shallow End.

Joel Mathis spent a Saturday blogging around Downtown Lawrence including one of our favorite Saturday morning activities-the Farmer's market. I missed this Saturday but as will be revealed later, I was at the ocean.

The shooting at the Ward Parkway mall was on people's minds, so soon after Virginia Tech and Happy in Bag reports that several close friends had a brush with the violence at the mall. Of course after each tragedy of this sort people naturally ask how these shootings can be avoided. emawkc discusses one common reaction from Hip Suburban White Guy: Round up the Guns.

Of course violence of the more sectarian sort is widespread as Ladygunn reminds us. Maybe this sort of violence is best met by strong secular democracy as Bill Moyers believes as reported by my cat blogger over at Evolving in Kansas.

Politics reminds me to check out Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble who has been following the progress made in selecting a new education commissioner. Also in Kansas politics pundits have been discussing the possibility of having a full time legislature. Emawkc has a short but sweet answer.

I will end this edition with our current kgb hosts. John B at Blog Meridian has had a really interesting series of posts on American aesthetics. His latest effort should resonate with Midwesterners as it does with me as a transplant from New England. John B has been asking for volunteers to be interviewed and Josh at Thoughts from Kansas gave a thoughtful set of responses to John's questions.

Finally, why did I miss the Farmer's Market? Because I was in north Kansas and southern Nebraska taking a walk along the edge of the sea-the Cretaceous Sea that is. I start in a tropical rainforest and end up in the open ocean exploring a bed of clams, all within 200 miles of Lawrence.

OK NOW really finally, I have the privilege of being part of the Lawrence Journal World's Citizen Journalism Academy run with the William Allen White School of Journalism at KU. For five Monday evenings I get to work with lots of talented local people both the professionals such Joel Mathis, as well as the rest of the Citizen Journalists.

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