Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogging for the Pandemic

There's a new blog in town at least for the next five weeks: The Pandemic Flu Leadership Blog. It is sponsored by Health and Human Services to promote discussion about preparations for a possible flu pandemic.

Read the first post, Why care? Why Prepare? by Pierre Omidyar just in case you have forgotten how serious the threat from a flu pandemic is.

"At the national and international level, there is a lot of work to do, and much of it has been underway for quite some time. But the important thing is "..." no matter what gets done at a global level, hospitals and health care may not be there for us when we need it."

Therefore, families and neighborhoods will be on their own during a severe pandemic. If the pandemic is mild, communities could provide some support, but hospitals may still be overwhelmed. (Just look at hospitals during a mild seasonal flu season: most beds are full as it is.)

Interesting experiment. If it works maybe the government will do this sort of blog summit when they have other policy decisions to make-going to war for example. **eg**

Tip of the Antennae to DemfromCT at The Next Hurrah.

Update: Just as viruses often pick new genes via recombination so here's another site worth checking out: Pandemic Flu Information (PFI).

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