Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The KGB ..."That's a mighty big frog!" edition

This frog is so big I had to use a wide angle lens to take this picture. Don't believe me? Well it is a bullfrog. And he's here to croak about the latest edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers. So grab your water proof lap top and hop on over to the best of Kansas blogging!

Bitter Sweet Life is a blog with an interesting theological bent and this post "God doesn't Hate You" illustrates that quite nicely. Also on a religious theme, Lyn over at Bloggin' Outloud tackles the tension between art and religion while Pat over at Red State rabble notes that Kansas has not joined the list of states with Creation Science museums.

By the way if you take offense at some religious post or sacrilegious art, or some one's stance on global warming you might pour your anger out in your blog. That will put you in contention for emwakc's Angry Blogger Award. Bigsibling thinks that Moveon.org is whining and crying over alleged censorship at Myspace in a post titled
MySpace enrages MoveOn.org wussies.

At least 'the D' is happy. He found a fellow blogger at work. And made the best purchase ever! See for yourself.

John over at Blogmeridian always has something interesting to say. This week he continues his Stretch of River series with a post that rambles from red wing black birds and other fauna seen on his walks, to the taxonomy of shopping carts to a meditation on the "Origin of Order at Key West" by Wallace Stevens. It all makes sense as I hope you will see for yourself.

Joel Mathis has been a bit quiet lately. But he has good reason. He's the convergence editor at the Lawrence Journal World. He's been busy with 24 Hours in Lawrence. This event used citizens to document 24 hours in Lawrence on a typical day...which was Thursday, May 10. By the way the first installment of 24 hours is on the Lawrence Journal World's website and I recommend checking it out. Great photos.

Some of us, Josh, John B., myself and Kelly in Kansas are academic types. Kelly has just returned from a sabbatical energized with new resolve. Kelly also has a piece on evaluating students. Slackers take note: you will NOT get an A just for just meeting the course requirements.

The Prince of Thrift at Becoming and Staying Dept Free has a dilemma: "Paper or plastic?". Not as easy a choice as the average reader might think. While on the environment, Happy in Bag is not so happy with this rain garden he stumbled upon in Kansas City. In case you don't know, the rain garden idea is to set up little wetland areas in yards to try to reduce run off in urban areas such as Kansas City. Maybe my frog could help with the mosquitoes!

Checking quickly on a few of my favorite non KGB Kansas Blogs, looks like Jon Voisey, the Angry Astronomer has angered the folks at the Discovery Institute. Maybe he should nominate them for the Angry Blogger award. And according to Mousie Cat, Phil Kline is getting his you know what all in a bunch over Paul Morrison's investigation of an area church.

As emwakc might say..."Chill Dude". Of course if that doesn't work, just jump in the pond and cool off like my frogs, big and small.

Next week's KGB will be at Blogmeridian.

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