Monday, May 07, 2007

Thundering Herds at the Kaw

Lawrence has been lucky this Spring. I was curious how the Kaw compares to it's 1993 level. So I wandered down to the 6th Street bridge. The first shot looks toward the power plant on the south side of the river.

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A mid stream shot (below) showing the water rushing over the dam. I can feel the water vibrating through the bridge.

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Looking toward the levee on the river's north side (below). Doesn't look like the Kaw is going to flood here. But see this afternoon report from the Lawrence Journal World.

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By the way there are a couple of interesting reports on National Public Radio about the Greensburg Kansas tornado. Governor Sebelius assess the clean up effort and the performance of FEMA. She alleges that a lack of equipment due to diversion to the Iraq war is hindering the clean up effort.

The second report is about a state representative who survived Greensburg in a tub, but who almost lost his neighbor and her baby. I hope we go a long long time before the next E-F5 tornado.
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