Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Really?

Well it is either Loonie Toons time or time for another school board race in Lawrence Kansas. If you really want quality schools then check out Michael Riley and consider carefully what he says:

Those beliefs lead him to maintain that parents should have a primary say in the public school system before the teachers, district, state and federal government.

“I think when I say decentralized, I feel that our primary responsibility is to the parents and then up from there,” Riley said."

Sounds good until you really think about it. After education involves more than just the parents.

And consider this tidbit:

"He says he does know some issues are on the minds of parents and Lawrence residents.

“Sex education and science standards have come up repeatedly,” Riley said. “These are issues that they’re concerned about and they’re concerned to know what school board members feel about these things.” " Oh oh.

Really he must hang out with a different crowd than I do.

He might really be OK, after all his kids did go to public school. But really do you want some of the parents you've met to be the ones that have primary say about running of local schools? Does my stake in the school system stop because my kids are grown and married? Doesn't business have a say here as well?

Come on Mr. Riley. Get real.

Check out the Journal World forums where yours truly has been accused of:

"Pdecell: Way to come out and bluntly tell us that public education is State indoctrination 100%. I'm sure we all want to line up for your brand of brainwashing for each and every one of our children. As a parent, I want you to keep your taxpayer opinions out of my child's easily manipulated mind."

Notice the nice scary rhetorical touches-"state indoctrination", "manipulated mind" oh yes and "brainwashing". Kind of reminds me of an old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some people... for the first robin of Spring. What do I watch for? Obviously, the first...

First Bee...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proposal in Lawrence

The Lawrence City Commission has been asked by the Douglas County Chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition to amend its non discrimination ordinance to include gender identity. Right now the request has been forwarded to the city's human rights commission for study. So we shall see. Watch for the typical fear mongering from the AFA and other opponents of any one who doesn't fit into simple little boxes.

A copy of the proposal is here.

Lawrence Journal World Coverage is here.