Monday, December 04, 2006

Call for Submissions-Circus of the Spineless #16

December's Circus of the Spineless (#16)will be here at the force, so if you blog on various sorts of invertebrates from insects to slugs to Tardigrades, and yes sea urchins and Acanthocephelans, creep on over to the Circus's submission page and send in your spineless blogging! If you want, you can also send submssions to me ( pdecell 'at' sunflower 'dot' com) Make sure you read the submission rules first.

The most recent Circus is at the Neurophilosopher's Web Log and it is going to be a hard act to follow. Spineless #15 should shortly be up at the Circus of the Spineless homepage.

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Anonymous said...

Circus of the Spineless #15 is now on-line at Words and Pictures.

Paul D. said...

Thanks! We'll hop on over and take a look!