Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beer and Present Danger

From Heather Havrilesky via the LA times comes this way of making it through the President's State of the Union Address using a little drinking game:

In part the game goes like this:

"The game is simple enough for even your average registered voter to understand. Basically, every time Bush says "terror," "terrorism," "terrorist," "war on terror" or "Terror Dome," you drink.Also drink when the president winks, nods and points at someone in the audience in rapid succession; drink each time he refers to 9/11 or uses the word "nuke-u-lar," and drink something bitter when he says that "the state of our union is strong." Whenever there's a close-up of a sour-faced Democrat, drink. If it's Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy or Harry Reid, drink twice."

Well I think you get the idea. Personally I did not not watch the speech figuring I could catch the wrap up on Yahoo today. Besides drinking only encourages stupification, a fancy way of saying drunkenness, not the mental state we want to encourage given the state of our country.

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