Friday, June 02, 2006

Follow up on Identity Police

As a follow up to my earlier post, Joe Nadeau, the choir director fired from St Agnes, has taken a job at First Lutheran Church in Mission Hills KS. Good to see he found an accepting church. What I find most telling is this quote from the Kansas City Star:

St. Agnes' pastor, Monsignor Gary Applegate, declined to comment on the situation.

The law doesn'’t allow me to comment on personnel matters, he said.

Uh huh.

I wonder how much of this is due to an emboldenment on the part of conservatives with the election of Pope Benedict. OK, the Church does not like homosexuality, but I think She blundered here badly, forgetting Her own teachings about the power of music. I know in my own faith life there have been times, and increasingly now is one of those times, when music is what connects me to God and the Church. I have, by the way, been in choir since I was eight or so. But last night I really questioned how I can do this, given the behavior of the Church on this issue.

Still other details are in this Kansas City Star article.

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