Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catholicism and Evolution

Ken Miller a prominent theistic evolutionist, who by the way will be at the University of Kansas this week has posted a good commentary on Catholics and Evolution in the Guardian. Miller correctly points out that the Church's problem is not so much with evolution but with the false "nihilistic" philosophies that are incorrectly attached to evolution, sometimes I might point out by proponents but also by opponents to evolution.

Update! Brief summary of Miller's KU talk is here.

Addressing the current concern about the outcome of Pope Benedict's evolution seminar, Miller says:

"Far from reducing humanity to the random result of pointless molecular collisions, evolution unites us with every living being in a fabric of life and change in which our emergence, and the continuing creative power of our universe, is the product of the Creator's will and love. There is indeed a design to life - and the name of that design is evolution. Look deeply enough, and I am sure that the Holy Father and his students will come to the same conclusion."

I hope Miller is right!

A tip of the antennae to Pat Hayes over at Red State Rabble for pointing the Miller article out. See his commentary here.

On another note apparently the Pope will publish a chat, actually minutes of the recent Papal Seminar on evolution according to a story in the Register. The article quotes Father Joseph Fessio as saying the conclusion that God created the universe is philosophical not scientific and that:

"There's a controversy in the United States because there is a lack of awareness of a thing called philosophy. Evangelicals and creationists generally lack it and Catholics have it."

Ouch! Of course some Catholics are creationists as well, so I guess they are not aware of philosophy either. I can buy that!

The Force will be covering Dr. Miller's talk on Thursday as will several other Kansas Bloggers I am sure!

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