Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kansas Guild of Bloggers..repent the deadline is nigh!

Kansas Guild of Bloggers will be featured here on Monday. Looks like Kansas bloggers are too busy enjoying the great fall weather we are having, as have I will probably have to tear myself away from this great Kansas weather and prowl around the noosphere to grub up some great Kansas blogging.

Photo credits:
photo by:Edward C. Robinson III

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John B. said...

I sent a couple of links via the Submit form for the Carnival just this morning. It may be that they are wending their way to you via emawkc; let me know if you don't get them by Sunday or so, and I'll be happy to send them directly to you.

Oh: and I must congratulate you on your choice of graphic for your call for submissions; it hadn't ever occurred to me to talk to john Brown's agent to hire him out.

Anonymous said...

Love the headline!

I always loved looking at the murals in the Capitol building whenever we toured it. My brother & I were pages 3 times - very cool experience.