Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kansas Guild of Bloggers

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers (kgb) is over at Josh Rosenau's blog, Thoughts from Kansas. Next week the kgb will be here at the force that through...

Josh is taking submissions through tonight...almost forgot to send one in myself. So if you have a Kansas related post, send it via the kgb's submission page.

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Anonymous said...

You asked, over at Red State Rantings, if you would get to ask Behe questons when he gets here.

Indeed you will.

Prediction...he will be treated like shit.

And its for the best, it will get the atheisitc motivations of your bigoted organizations out in the open.

So, bring in on professor!

Let the taxpayers see what they are funding at third rate KU!

Let him have it!!!

Paul D. said...

Part of being in a rational society is that we don't always get to do what we might wish to do. And I do hope Dr. Behe is treated respectfully. That said, since he is coming to an academic environment, he ought to be prepared to answer hard questions about so called intelligent design.

I hope that gets done.